Brianpen Birds - Harlech, UK Bird List from 22 June, 2010


Bird Sightings, Harlech Beach, Wales, UK, 22 June 2010

Path through the dunes
Castle from the dunes
Harlech Beach
South end of the beach
June 22, 2010 0700-0845
From Tan-y-Graig, our self-catering cottage below the Harlech Castle near the Y Branwen restaurant, I walked across the railroad tracks and along the edge of the of the Royal St David golf course to a trail which lead across the dunes out to the beach. I continued south along the water to the end of the beach, then returned via the trail, across the tracks and back up the lane to our place again. I counted birds and recognized most of what I heard or saw. I took a few photos with the 70-300 lens as well. It was a quiet overcast morning, temperature around 60F.
I saw or heard 29 species altogether.
SpeciesNotes Grey Heron  2 flying overhead Mallard  1 flying over Shelduck  1 Male on beach by standing water Black-headed Gull  1 flying over water Herring Gull  1 flying over beach Great Black-backed Gull 1 standing at water's edge near oystercatchers, flushed to boulder Oystercatcher  4 loose group on beach, foraging at water's edge Curlew  1 on golf course Collared Dove  1 on wire Woodpigeon  3 in trees at foot of hill Common Swift  2 overhead Skylark  1 over dunes Meadow Pipit  2 in dunes Dunnock  2 in brush and lanes along railroad tracks Wren  2 in bushes along the road Robin  1 in lane along the railroad tracks Blackbird  4 hedgerows, lanes and golf course edges Blackcap  2 in brush and hedgerows along golf course Common Whitethroat  7 including juveniles, in brush along golf course and in brushy dunes Chiffchaff  2 brush along golf course, trees along foot of hill Willow Warbler  2 willow bushes in dunes and bushes along road Great Tit  1 hedgerow along golf course Starling  1 flew over golf course edge Magpie  3 brushy dunes Jackdaw  9 Over woods and castle Carrion Crow  1 golf course House Sparrow  5 hedgerows along railroad Greenfinch  2 hedgerows along railroad and golf course Goldfinch  2 along road near buildings
Great Black-backed Gull
Juvenile Common Whitethroat
Chiffchaff and Robin