Brianpen Birds - Orgiva, Spain Bird List from 4 June, 2010


Bird List, Orgiva, Spain, 4 June 2010

Crag Martin
Red-rumped Swallow
From the tourist information office on the west side of town near the Hotel Mirador we hiked up a road, then a trail along the east side of the river to a road which led up the hill to Carataunas. There we followed an irrigation ditch down to a trail which followed the crest of the ridge above the river back into town.
Counted 19 species in 90 minutes beginning at 0730.
SpeciesNotes Booted Eagle 2 Canyon cliffs NE of town. Pale brown mantle, darker remiges from above. Collared Dove 2 Stock Dove 2 Pair in orchard at edge of maquis. Broken dark wing bands, darker purplish-blue than rock dove, uniform color above, no white rump. Id not 100% certain. Rock Dove 10 Town Thekla Lark 2 Scruffy-looking crested lark in dry hill-country maquis Common Swift 15 Over town Crag Martin 1 Cliff area in town Red-rumped Swallow 2 Open country Barn Swallow 5 Town and river valley House Martin 5 Town and river valley Blackbird 5 Town, orchards, edges Sardinian Warbler 2 Dry scrub Blackcap 1 Trees near river and houses Golden Oriole 1 Heard, like meadowlark. Spotless Starling 15 House Sparrow 25 town and gardens Chaffinch 8 Singing in trees and bushes Serin 10 singing in trees Goldfinch 5