Brianpen Birds


NH Visit Bird List 8/8-8/21/2010

Wilson Road
Proctor's garage
Tracy's marsh vegetation
Hall's Ledge trail
During a visit with my parents in Jackson for the weeks of Aug 8-20, 2010 I spent a few hours out looking for birds, and noted others while running, hiking or just sitting on the porch visiting. I identified most of the birds I saw or heard and photographed a few. Overall bird activity was very quiet. Red-eyed vireos were singing occasionally and I heard a couple of brief warbler songs; chickadees, phoebes, crows and blue jays were calling now and then, but that was about it. Other than around the house and nearby woods, I hiked up Washington once, up Wildcat via the Polecat trail twice and up to Hall's ledge three times. I also took the long lens out behind Tracy's a couple of times.
Altogether I saw or heard a total of 47 species despite desultory birding effort.
SpeciesNotes Canada GooseLinderhoff pond Mallard/Black DuckLinderhoff pond Ruffed GrouseMixed woods along Rocky Branch Turkey VultureIndividuals soaring over our property occasionally. Broad-winged HawkCalling in woods, soaring overhead. Apparently nested near Eric's Mourning DoveIn area, heard calling a few times Chimney SwiftOne over fields along Carter Notch Road Ruby-throated HummingbirdAround feeders and flowers, particularly jewelweed. Belted KingfisherCalling along river near Pinkham AMC center Yellow-bellied SapsuckerMale near cabin Downy WoodpeckerOne near cabin Hairy WoodpeckerCalling near Eric's. Pileated WoodpeckerIn the woods near the brook, heard several times, seen once. Eastern Wood-PeweeHeard singing in hardwoods below Eagle Mt and near Pinkham, "peeweee" and "peeohweeee" Alder FlycatcherCommon around our property, in wet brushy meadow behind the Tracy's, in alders along the field and along the fields by the river. Song is "jre-veeeek" or "zhiveeeik" with emphasis on second syllable. Eastern PhoebeSeveral around, including adult and young in field. Chip calls heard occasionaly, but no singing. Red-eyed VireoSeveral around, singing occasionally Blue JaySmall groups, scolding who knows what in the woods American CrowSeveral around. One (or more) habitually perches in top of birch by the driveway. Common RavenHeard once or twice. Boreal ChickadeeTuckerman's Fire trail and Isolation trail Black-capped ChickadeeGroups around the house, the most commonly heard bird. Red-breasted NuthatchMixed woods. White-breasted NuthatchOne calling near the house. Golden-crowned KingletMixed woods and conifers on near Hall's Ledge Eastern BluebirdOne or two flew over calling. Hermit Thrush"chyup" calls heard in woods behind Tracy's, and near Proctor's. American RobinOne in woods, I forget where. Gray CatbirdNasal, towhee-like "eeaah" calls in bushes, particularly around marshy area behind Tracy's Cedar WaxwingSmall group in apple trees behind Tracy's Yellow WarblerBright yellowish-green warbler in shrubs in marsh behind Tracy's Chestnut-sided WarblerCommon in brushy areas. Independent young w/ very short tails. Magnolia WarblerOne in birches near Hall's Ledge Black-throated Blue WarblerOne or two with mixed warbler flock near the cabin Yellow-rumped WarblerJuveniles loosely associated w/ other warblers behind Tracy's Black-throated Green WarblerMost common warbler in mixed flocks Black-and-white WarblerOne in mixed woods above Tracy's marsh OvenbirdOne low in brush near warbler flock at edge of Tracy's lawn Common YellowthroatMost commonly heard warbler calls, in low woods, brush and tall marshy vegetation. Chipping SparrowCommon in open areas and edges, young in flocks. Song SparrowA couple of individuals around the field, inconspicuous White-throated SparrowFamily groups in Tracy's marsh, eating berries Dark-eyed JuncoHall's Ledge, Wildcat and Washington in mixed woods Red-winged BlackbirdTwo flew over the field near the river Purple FinchTracy's orchard and marsh, a few "pit" calls Pine SiskinOne or two, not sure where American GoldfinchOver fields and woods edges
Broad-winged Hawk
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Downy Woodpecker
Alder Flycatcher
Gray Catbird
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Magnolia Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler
Common Yellowthroat