Brianpen Birds - Salobreņa, Spain Bird List from 10 June, 2010


Bird List, Salobreņa, Spain, 10 June 2010

Cliff and coastal plain
Farmhouse and Arab castle
Edge of farmland
Bean crop
From our apartment on Calle Nueva I hiked up through town to the rim of the cliff, then down to the east to the base of the cliff at the edge of the coastal plain agricultural area. I followed the main road west to Caleta La Guardia, walked partway back along the breakwater fronting the beach then cut back to the road via a dirt track through the farm fields. Back at the base of the cliff, I followed the trail up to the rim by the Arab castle, then made my way back to the apartment.
Though I carried my camera, I didn't have time to try to photograph birds.
Counted 18 species between 0730 and 0930. Weather sunny, 65-75F with a light breeze.
SpeciesNotes Common Kestrel 4 Two adults w/ fledged young Yellow-legged Gull15 Individuals over the water Collared Dove 5 Rock Dove 30 Turtle Dove 2 Common Swift 30 Crested Lark 1 Farmyard, weedy field. Rump same color as back. Barn Swallow 20 House Martin 10 UI (Yellow?) Wagtail 1 Zitting Cisticola 10 Scratchy "jyit" call repeated in undulating flight Sardinian Warbler 2 Song consists of short bursts of "ksh ksh ksh" notes interspersed with brief thin high notes, 3-10 sec long. Orphean Warbler 3 Adult with young, gray above and pale below with white outer tail feathers and yellowish iris Blackcap 1 Spotless Starling 5 House Sparrow 100 Serin 5 Goldfinch 2
Common Kestrel