Brianpen Birds - Chikamin Ridge Bird List, Washington, 9/14-17/2009


Chikamin Ridge Bird List, Snoqualmie Pass area, Washington, September 14-17, 2009

Gold Creek valley
Joe Lake
Chikamin Ridge
Alta Ridge
Lake Lillian
I hiked from the Gold Creek trailhead just east of Snoqualmie Pass to Joe Lake the first day, mostly in old-growth fir forest, avalanche brush and some second growth forest near the trailhead. The second day I birded some in the brushy meadows around Joe Lake then hiked up and over the high Chikamin ridge to Chikamin Lake at about timberline. The third day I descended on ledges and in open subalpine forest to Glacier Lake then followed indistinct trails through meadows and open forest south to Little Alta Mountain then on to Rampart Lakes. The last day I descended through meadows and more open forest to Lake Lillian then followed the Mt Margaret trail through mostly old-growth forest, finally descending through recent clearcuts (lots of huckleberries) to the Mt Margarent trailhead, from which I ran the last 4 miles back to the car.
Altogether I saw or heard a total of 38 species.
SpeciesNotes Common Merganser One female in Joe Lake Northern Harrier Flew over Chikamin Ridge Sharp-shinned Hawk Two or three per day in the high country Cooper's Hawk One per day in high country, somewhat larger than sharp-shinneds Red-tailed Hawk One over Alta Ridge Band-tailed Pigeon One over Lake Lillian Spotted Owl Heard during the night below Joe Lake. Two three-note phrases: hoo huhooo, huhoo hooo Northern Saw-whet Owl Heard during the night above Joe Lake. Series of short hoots, more than 1 per second, medium whistling pitch. Red-breasted Sapsucker Near Gold Creek trailhead Hairy Woodpecker In old-growth fir forest along Gold Creek Northern Flicker Near Rampart Lakes Pileated Woodpecker Calling in Gold Creek valley Gray Jay Two at Joe Lake Steller's Jay Gold Creek valley and at Joe Lake Clark's Nutcracker Flock of 12 along the south slope of Chikamin Ridge American Crow Heard south of Joe Lake, unexpected. Common Raven Several per day in the high country Chestnut-backed ChickadeeSeveral daily in open subalpine woods Red-breasted Nuthatch Gold Creek valley and at Joe Lake American Dipper One foraging along the shore of Lake Lillian Golden-crowned Kinglet Forest Townsend's Solitaire Seen twice in open subalpine forest/meadows Hermit Thrush Forest and slide alder/mt ash, esp around Joe Lake American Robin Forest and subalpine, flocks eating huckleberries near Lake Lillian Varied Thrush Forest in Gold Creek valley and at Joe Lake American Pipit Common in high country Cedar Waxwing Two near Alta Pass Yellow-rumped Warbler Abundant in open subalpine forest MacGillivray's Warbler(?)Several solo secretive greenish warblers seen, assumed to be MacGillivray's but could have been Orange-crowned or Common Yellowthroat. Not yellowish enough for Yellow, and Wilson's have gone south. Spotted Towhee Possibly one heard at Joe Lake Lincoln's Sparrow Furtive song-sparrow-like sparrow at Joe Lake White-crowned Sparrow Flocks in low bushes in high country Golden-crowned Sparrow Big flock along the PCT in low huckleberry/mt ash brush E of Alta Ridge Dark-eyed Junco Gold Creek trail and Joe Lake Red Crossbill Several near Gold Creek trailhead, by voice but pretty confident of the id White-winged Crossbill Flock of 15 by Joe Lake, id confirmed by photo. Calls "chyit chyit" rather than "kwip kwip", but not that different. Pine Siskin A couple heard Evening Grosbeak Small flock near Gold Creek trailhead
Red-breasted Sapsucker
Hairy Woodpecker
American Dipper
Hermit Thrush
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
White-winged Crossbills