Brianpen Birds - Cwm Bychant, Wales, UK Bird List from 23 June, 2010


Bird Sightings, above Llyn Cwm Bychant, Wales, UK, 23 June 2010

Parking lot
Starting up the trail
Oak woods
Rhinog fells
View back from the pass
June 23, 2010 1250-1530
We drove over from Harlech to Llyn Cwm Bychan, a lake on the west side of the Rhinog mountains about 3 miles east of Harlech. It was a challenging drive on steep narrow lanes with stone walls on either side. We paid £5 to park in a sheep pasture at the head of the lake then hiked up the trail to the Roman Steps, a series of ancient (though perhaps not Roman) steps leading up to a narrow pass through the mountains. I lingered behind to identify birds in a beautiful open oak-birch woods along the trail, then ran to catch up to the boys at the pass. We scrambled up onto the ridge to the right of the pass, then found a way back down a few hundred yards back down the trail. Here's the route we hiked.
I saw or heard 15 species altogether.
SpeciesNotes Buzzard  1 Soaring overhead Cuckoo  1 Calling in woods near stream Meadow Pipit  1 Open hills Pied Wagtail  2 Farm paddocks Robin  1 Redstart  1 Female nesting, carrying food, at edge of oak woods Blackbird  3 Wood Warbler  3 Oak birch woods. Call is a plaintive whistled "peeer". Song, heard once, was a gentle series of the call notes. No gray color below, just a clear yellow breast and white belly. Prominent yellow supercilium, less distinct dark line through eye, yellowish area below eye. Feeding young. Foraging behavior includes hovering to inspect the mossy underside of tree limbs. Willow Warbler  2 Calling "hooeet" in oak birch woods. Coal Tit  1 Probable. Not seen well but I believe it had a white nape. Missing tail. In oak woods Blue Tit  3 Open oak woods Spotted Flycatcher  1 Oak birch woods. Uniform grayish brown above, lightly streaked below w/ no white on wings or tail. Pied Flycatcher  3 Edge of oak woods. Adult and juvenile seen. Juvenile similar to Spotted but has white on wings and more spots above and below. Carrion Crow  2 Chaffinch  1 Oak woods
Female Redstart
Wood Warbler
Wood Warbler
Spotted Flycatcher
Pied Flycatcher
Juvenile Pied Flycatcher