Rattlesnake Lake Marathon - 2007 Race Info


Breaking News 8/17/2007
We're just about ready to run! The weather forecast is improving (we've been praying about that) and it now looks as though we'll have mostly cloudy conditions with temperatures ranging from low 50's to mid-60's and perhaps a shower or two. Big improvement over the "soaking rain" they were talking about just a couple days ago! Monte and I ran the course this morning and it's quite scenic, mostly shaded and easy on the feet. We'll be sharing the trail with bicyclists and others but no vehicles so it should be nice and quiet. Watch for the occasional slug though, and please don't step on the (harmless) garter snakes. Sorry, there are no Rattlesnakes, though we did see a pile of fresh-looking bear dung at about mile 16.

Lunch All registered runners are invited to stick around for lunch after the race. We'll have delicious Philippino food (Abodo, Pancit and Lumpia) as well as vegetarian chili and Greek salad along with watermelon, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, snack mix, chips and other stuff. Lunch will be available from about 10:00 AM (for you speed demons) until 2:30 PM or so (for the rest of us mortals). We may be short a few chairs though, so if you think of it, you might bring a folding chair or two.

Site updates The course has been measured and every mile marked, albeit discretely. See Course Details for more information. You may want to check out the Updated Directions for more precise directions to the parking area.

Race morning We'll be arriving at Rattlesnake Lake around 6AM Sunday morning to put up signs directing runners to the parking/finish area and to mark the potentially confusing section of the course around the start and finish areas. From 6:15 to 6:45AM we'll check in runners and issue race bibs. At 6:45AM we'll have the pre-race briefing in the parking lot then we'll walk up to the starting line, which is about five minutes up the trail from the finish area. See Course Details.

Aid Stations Once we send all you runners on your way at 7:00 AM we'll dash out to set up and man the aid stations at miles 5, 10, 14.6, 18 and 21.4. Aid stations will remain open to accomodate runner's running at paces between 6 and 16 minutes/mile. We're serving water and lemon-lime Gatorade at all stations and various food items at the stations after mile 10. Specifically, bananas, Cliff-shot and potatoes at 14.6 and 21.4, and peanut butter and jam sandwiches at 18. Any food you fail to eat at the aid stations will eventually show up at the finish area as well.

Timing Terry Sentinella of Skagit Runners has loaned us a race clock which we'll use to time the race. We'll also synchronize stopwatches to enable us to get splits at miles 5, 9.8 and 18 for as many runners as we can. That's why we're asking you to bring a race bib (and why we'll issue you one if you forget to bring your own). We also want to ensure that we don't leave anyone out on the trail, so if you decide to run just the first leg, please let us know. Likewise if you turn around before the official turnaround at mile 18, let us know because we'll be looking for you to come by before we close down the aid station at that turnaround.

Medals Ray Shaw #558 offered to provide Finishers Medals for all marathon finishers (Thank you Ray!). When he asked us how many to order I unfortunately requested only enough for those who were registered as of last weekend, plus a few extra. As a result we are a few medals short. If you do not want a medal, please let me know at runner checkin. We'll provide medals to finishers in order by when they registered. If we run out we'll order and mail medals to those who don't receive them at the race.

Photos We'll try to get photos of all runners during the race. All photos will be freely available to copy from this site once I get them uploaded after the race. That may take me a few days, considering I haven't even gotten the course photos uploaded yet.

General Info
On the drive up to Mary's Birthday Marathon, Monte Pascual and I decided that we needed a local (Seattle area) marathon in mid-August, so here it is, the 2007 BM (Brian and Monte) Rattlesnake Lake Marathon.

The Rattlesnake Lake Marathon will start on Sunday August 19, 2007 at 7:00 AM. Start and Finish are located at Rattlesnake Lake just outside of North Bend. The course will consist of two out-and-back legs on the scenic forested Snoqualmie Valley and Iron Horse trails respectively, both well-maintained rail trails with a constant 2% gradient and a hard-packed gravel surface. Aid stations at 5, 10, 15, 18 and 21 miles will offer Gatorade and water along with an assortment of calorific comestibles. Following the race, lunch will be provided to those who would like it.

The Rattlesnake Lake Marathon is a little marathon. No race packet, timing chip, T-shirt, finishers medal, space blanket, brochures for other races or little packets of skin cream will be provided, nor will there be awards to age-group winners or first-place finishers. It is unlikely that there will be any spectators along the route cheering you on. On the other hand, the course will be measured (though not certified) and each mile marked; you'll have no trouble finding your way; the course is scenic and mostly shady, the weather is likely to be pleasant; you can rinse off in spring-fed Rattlesnake Lake afterwards; you won't generate alot of greenhouse gases getting there (at least from the Seattle area) and last but not least, the race will be free to all participants.

Advance registration for the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon is required, or at least strongly encouraged. Due to permit restrictions the size of the race is limited to no more than 40 runners so if you would like to participate, please email Race Co-director Brian with your name, email address and contact phone number in case we need to notify you of any late-breaking changes.

Participants in the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon acknowledge that running any marathon is an extreme test of a person's physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury and property loss. PARTICIPANTS IN THIS EVENT ASSUME ALL RISKS OF SUCH PARTICIPATION. Participants certify that they are physically fit and sufficiently trained to complete such portion of this event as they choose to complete. By electing to participate in this event, the participant waives, releases and discharges from any and all claims, losses or liabilities for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills or theft which may arise out of or relate to participation in this event. Participants agree not to sue, and to hold harmless any and all persons, sponsors, volunteers, participants or government agencies for any and all claims or liabilities that they have waived, released or discharges by their participation in the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon.