Rattlesnake Lake Marathon - Sunday, July 6, 2008


Race Day Info
Please review race day information here.

We have reached our limit of about 50 runners and registration is closed for the 2008 Rattlesnake Lake Marathon.
If you would like to be added to a waiting list in case a registered runner cannot make it, please email Race Co-director Brian and include your name, email address and contact phone number. We will notify you by the end of June regarding whether or not we can accomodate you.

You may also want to consider running the Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon which will be held on August 17 at 8AM. The second half of that race covers the Rattlesnake Lake marathon course.

Entry Fee
Alas the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon is no longer free.
To cover our costs for insurance, permits and porta-potty required for us to use the Rattlesnake Lake area, along with the cost of food for the increased number of runners, we are asking runners to contribute $10 for the 2008 Rattlesnake Lake Marathon. Please bring $10 with you to the start of the race, or if you'd prefer, you can mail a check to Brian Pendleton, 37407 188th Ave SE, Auburn, WA 98092. I apologize for the late notification of the entry fee; I was hoping to keep the race free and only recently confirmed that we would have to incur the additional expenses.

General Info
On the drive up to Mary's Birthday Marathon in June of 2007 Monte Pascual and I decided that we needed another local (Seattle area) midsummer marathon, so here it is, the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon.

The 2008 Rattlesnake Lake Marathon will run Sunday July 6, 2008 at 8:00 AM. Start and Finish are located at Rattlesnake Lake just outside of North Bend. The course will consist of two out-and-back legs on the scenic forested Snoqualmie Valley and Iron Horse trails respectively, both well-maintained rail trails with a constant 2% gradient and a hard-packed gravel surface. Restrooms are available at the start and the 10-mile mark and a Porta-potty is situated at the climbing area which is about a half mile beyond/before the mile 18/21 aid station. Aid stations at 5, 10, 15, 18 and 21 miles will offer Gatorade and water and a limited selection of snacks. The 15/21 aid station will have Gu or the equivalent. Following the race, lunch will be provided to those who would like it.

The Rattlesnake Lake Marathon is a little marathon. No race packet, timing chip, goodie bag, space blanket, brochures for other races or little packets of skin cream will be provided, nor will there be awards to age-group winners or first-place finishers. We won't have T-shirts again this year, nor will we have medals this year. It is unlikely that there will be any spectators along the route cheering you on. There may however be a few slugs and mosquitos.
The course is not certified but will be re-measured (it was reported to be long last year) and each mile marked; you'll have no trouble finding your way; the course is scenic and mostly wooded and shady, the weather is likely to be pleasant; you can rinse off in spring-fed Rattlesnake Lake afterwards; you won't generate alot of greenhouse gases getting there (at least from the Seattle area) and the race, although no longer free, is pretty cheap.

Advance registration for the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon is required since the number of runners is limited to 50.

Rattlesnake Lake Marathon Waiver: In consideration for participation in the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon, participants forever waive, release, and discharge any and all rights, claims for damages and causes of suits or action, known or unknown, that they may have against the City of Seattle, Washington State Parks, USA Track & Field, Pacific Northwest Track & Field, King County Parks, King County and its Officers, Officials, Employees and Agents and all sponsors, officials, volunteers and any and all other persons who in any way assist or are connected with this event, in any manner arising out of or resulting from their participation in the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon. Participants agree that this waiver, discharge and release also apply to their heirs, executors, administrators, & assigns without exception. Participants attest & verify that they have full knowledge of the risks involved in the Rattlesnake Lake Marathon & that they will assume and pay my own medical and emergency expenses in the event of an accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether they have authorized such expenses, and that they are physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this event.