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Marathon Performance Comparison
The following table shows relative paces and avg HR for a number of races over the past several years. Max hr 2011: about 185, 2009 1st half: 184, 2008 1st half: 189, 2007 2nd half: 187, 2006 about 194. HR during hard (close to PR) marathons in fall of 2007 averaged about 90% of maximum, and during fast races in fall of 2011 about 92% of maximum.

Race and DatePaceAvg HRAdj HRComment
Red Wtrshed 8/201210:10152154Sunny, 60-70F. Moderate effort. Wt 145lbs. Adrenaline 11s
Tunnel 7/20128:10155133Cool, drizzle. Downhill, felt strong. 10 min neg split, M25HR=avg+4. Weight 141lbs
North Olympic 6/20128:55157144Ovc, 52. M24-26HR=avg+7. 600' dn & up. Moderate effort. Wt 147lbs. Green Silence
Boston 04/201210:10163162Sun, 84. M24-26HR=avg+2. Moderate effort. Wt 147lbs. Green Silence
Invest in Youth 03/201211:00141153Ovc, 48. Flat. Easy effort. Wt 146lbs. Green Silence
Pigtails 12/20118:26163144Sun, 42. M24-26HR=avg+5. 300' dn & up. Moderate effort. Wt 144lbs. Adrenaline 11s
California Int'l 12/20117:51171145Sun, 45. M24-26HR=avg+6. 300' descent. Very hard effort. Wt 145lbs?. Green Silence
Cape Cod 10/20117:58170146Ovc 40. M24-26HR=avg+4. 500' hills. 0.5 min stops. Wt 145lbs?. Green Silence
Golumbia Gorge 10/20119:14156147Sun 58. M20-24HR=avg+3. 1500' hills w/ net -300 ft. 3 min stops. Wt 145lbs. ST5 Racers
Pt Defiance 50K 10/201110:27150156Cloudy, 48. Trail increased time by ~1min/mile. M21-31HR=avg+2. Wt 145lbs. Adrenaline 11s
Spokane 10/20118:43159144Cloudy, 46.. M24-26HR=avg+5. Wt 146lbs. ST5 Racers
Middle Fk 50K 9/201111:35141160Sunny, 62.. Last 6 HR=avg+2. Wt 143lbs. Adrenaline 11s
Skagit Flats 9/20118:30168150Sunny, 65. 8 min pos split (+4min in last 4 mi). M24-26HR=avg+7. Wt 146lbs. ST5 Racers
Tacoma City 5/201110:15150153Sun, 60. Wt 150lbs. ST Racers
Boston 4/20118:40161145Sun, 60, tailwind. 1 min pos split. M23-26HR=avg+1 Wt 148lbs. ST5 Racers
Yours Truly 2/201111:15142157Overcast, 40's. Slow 1st quarter, 8 min stops. Wt 147lbs.
Cupid's 2/20119:00168156Sunny, 50's. Slowed 45 sec/mi in last 6 mi. Wt 146lbs.
Pigtails 12/20109:07168158Overcast, 40's. Even pace and hr. Wt 145lbs.
Humboldt Redwoods 10/201010:20152156Shade, 57. Photo stops.
Bellingham Bay 9/201011:15137152Ovc, 60. Even pace, felt tired and sore.
Skagit Flats 9/20109:05155144Ovc, 60. 8 min potty stops. M24-26HR=avg+6 ST Racers
White River 50 7/201014:15143(165)Sun, 60. 50 miles, 8700', 60 min stops. Actual Adj HR 194.
Missoula 7/201011:20141157Sun, 65. Slow pace. M23-26HR=avg+1 ST Racers
Caen 6/20108:48165153Mcd, 55. Slow last 3 miles. M23-26HR=avg+10 ST Racers
Spokane 5/20109:50165163Sun, 75, tailwind. 24 min pos split. First warm race. M22-26HR=avg+15 Wt 145lbs. Launches
Tacoma City 5/201010:17145148Ovc, 55, 1 min neg split. Paced 4:30. M22-24HR=avg+5 Wt Wt 145lbs. Launches
Big Sur 4/201010:52154164Sun, 65, 2 min pos split. Extensive photo/bird stops. M23-25HR=avg-7 Wt ~147lbs.
Boston 4/20108:19172152Sun, 48, crosswind. 2 min pos split. M23-26HR=avg+2 Wt 147lbs. GTS-7s
President's Day 2/20109:00158146Sun, 45. M24-26HR=avg+10 Wt 146lbs. GTS-7s
Seattle 11/200910:00151151Ovc, 45. 10 min pos split (30min walk 2nd half). Wt 147lbs.
Boston 4/20098:33172155Ovc, 48, headwind. 9 min pos split. Minimal training. Wt 143lbs.
Maui 9/200810:29149154Sunny, humid, 80's. Flat course. 9 min pos split. Sore shin tendon. Wt 143lbs.
Skagit Flats 9/20088:04171148Sunny, 65. Flat course. 4 min pos split. Wt 141lbs. Axioms.
San Juan Island 6/20088:20167147Mcd, 55. Hilly course. 2 min neg split. Incl ~4 min birding stops. Wt 144lbs.
Tacoma City 5/20089:43151148Ovc, 55. Paced 4:15 but w/ 7 min pp stops. Wt 144lbs.
Boston 4/20087:5717214760F, sunny, hard pace. 1.6 min pos split due to hills in 2nd half. Wt 144lbs.
Yakima 4/20088:09171149Cool, sunny, hard pace. 3 min pos split due to hills in 2nd half. Wt 143lbs.
Dizzy Days 50K 3/200810:28150156Cold, cloudy. Flat trail 50K, some birding and walking
Invest in Youth 50K 2/200810:40142150Cool, sunny. Flat paved 50K, some birding and walking
Birch Bay 2/20089:05157146Cool, sunny. Incl ~15 min birding stops.
Valentine 2/20087:39171143Cool, ovc. Hard pace, 6 minute PR, even splits. M24HR=avg+2. Wt 141lbs. Racers.
Lord Hill 50K 2/200811:35152171Cool, ovc. Hilly (5300') rough trail 50K
Last Chance 12/20078:53154139Cold, ovc. 8 min neg split. M24HR=avg+7. Weight 144lbs.
Yours Truly 50K 1/200811:26130146Cold, ovc. Smooth trail 50K
Pigtails Lk Youngs 50K 1/200811:37137156Cold, ovc. Hilly (2500') trail 50K
Bridle Trails 1/200811:35154173Cool, ovc. Rough trail 50K
Orange County 1/20089:40152148Cool, ovc. ~10 min birding.
Christmas 12/20077:58168144Cold, ovc. Hard pace, even splits. M24HR=avg+1. Weight 143lbs. Wore Racers.
DMT 6 Hr 11/200712:25136165Cool, sunny. Slow pace, trail run
iUWR 11/20079:15150141Cool, drizzle, easy pace 1st 20, 3 min neg split, M25HR=avg+6
TriCities 10/20078:00169145Cool, sunny, hard pace, 2 min pos split, M24HR=avg+4. Weight 142lbs
Hartford 10/20077:54169144Cool, sunny, hard pace, 1 min neg split, M24HR=avg+6. Weight 140lbs
Maine 10/20077:55168143Cool, cloudy 1st half, hard pace, even splits, 9 min PR. M24HR=avg+6. Weight 140lbs
Gateway Pacific 10/20079:15148139Cold, wet, Quadzilla, M24HR=avg+4
Tahoe Triple 3 9/20079:58153153Elevation (6300'), cold, third day, M24HR=avg+0
Tahoe Triple 2 9/200710:20151155Elevation (6300'), net downhill, second day, M24HR=avg+11
Tahoe Triple 1 9/200711:13150164Elevation (6300'), first day, tired and sore
Mid-Mountain 9/200711:10144158Elevation (8000') but acclimated
Haulin Aspen 8/20079:55162161Combination of elevation (5000') and relatively warm conditions
Tunnel 8/20078:40161145Cool, drizzle. Downhill, felt strong. 10 min neg split, M25HR=avg+4. Weight 141lbs
Rattlesnake Lake 8/200713:40119163Fatigued from Haulin Aspen and big hike up South Sister within the previous 5 days
Mary's Birthday 6/20079:05160149Cold and wet, fairly hard pace, M23HR=avg+9
Capitol City 5/200711:02138150Second race of first double
Tacoma City 5/20079:43161158Felt tired towards end, maybe not fully recovered from Boston and Mt Si 50K?
Mt Si 50K 4/20079:32154148Surprised how strong I felt for only 6 days since Boston
Boston Marathon 4/20079:12160150Excited, felt strong, 8 min neg split, M23HR=avg+3
Yakima Marathon 3/200710:54150161Walked alot in the middle of the race, felt good afterwards
Valentine Marathon 2/200710:14155158Felt good, M25HR=avg+2
UWR Seattle 11/200610:25149154
Halloween 10/200610:45147156
Skagit Marathon 9/20068:55164151
Seafair Marathon 7/200610:18155159
Capitol City Marathon 5/200610:00147147
Mt Si 50K 4/20069:36160155
Napa Marathon 3/200610:24154159
Tucson Marathon 12/20058:38174160Elevation (4000') and dehydrated?
Capitol City 5/200512:23131160

Adj Hr is derived from the relationship between pace and hr established on training runs. For aerobic paces (which for me are between about 7:45 and 12:00) my hr increases 1 bpm for every 5 second increase in pace. In that range my hr remains constant at a given pace for 10 miles or more. At faster paces my hr increases steadily as distance increases, which I take as an indication that I've exceeded my lactate or anaerobic threshhold. That happens somewhere around 7:30 to 7:45/mile. At aerobic paces, The relationship between pace and hr is linear throughout the range; I don't have enough data for paces slower than 12:00/mile to know whether that relationship continues through the transition from running to walking. The lower adjusted hr values for fast marathons in the fall of 2007 probably represent better conditioning. Although I don't have enough data to draw firm conclusions, it appears that paces in the 9:00/mile range might be more efficient than running at 8:00/mile close to my lactate threshhold. Higher hr at slower paces may indicate that pace and hr in slower marathons are both affected by a common cause, eg. fatigue, dehydration, terrain, extensive stopping or walking, or other factors (which I've tried to identify in the Comment column).

States in which I've run marathons

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Half Marathon Performance Comparison
The following table shows relative paces and avg HR for a number of half marathon races over the past several years, comparable to the marathon data above. As in the marathon table, Adj HR represents my estimated HR had I run at a 10 min/mile pace.

Race and DatePaceMax HRAvg HRAdj HRWeightComment
Run 2 Educate Half 04/20128:07180?171148147Sunny, 45, hard effort. Preceded by 5 miles at 8:25/mile
Veteran's Day Half 11/20098:00180172148151Sunny, 42, hard effort. Time adjusted for slightly short course.
White Mt Milers Half 10/20098:12186172150145Sunny, 52, hard effort, very hard finish. Last 4 miles barefoot.
Bay State Half 10/20097:45183171146146Rainy, 38, windy. Cold race. Very hard effort.
Black Diamond Half 9/20098:05185170147146Sunny, 53. Comfortably hard, very hard last 2 miles.
Army Half 9/20099:00193163151147Sunny, 57. Erratic pace, very hard finish. Last 3.5 mi barefoot.
Half 'n Half 8/200910:20160133137~144Sunny, 58?. Leisurely pace w/ birding stops. Last 2 mi barefoot.
Tacoma Narrows Half 8/20097:58183166142144Cloudy, 50. Comfortable start, hard effort last 10 mi.
Lacamas Lake Half 7/20099:35184154149144Sunny, 65. Comfortable pace w/ hard finish.
Battle Ground Half 7/20098:00183166142144Sunny, 65. Hard effort, slowed somewhat in last 2 miles.
Mercer Island Half 3/20098:15183162141144Cloudy, 40, comfortably strenuous, hard last 4 miles.
Mercer Island Half 3/20087:28186175145143Cloudy, 42, hard effort, PR. Racers.
Mercer Island Half 3/20078:18 167147 Cold and damp, comfortably strenuous effort
Mercer Island Half 3/20068:32174165147 Cold and damp, comfortably strenuous effort
Dannonman Half Iron 7/20059:05 161152 Sunny, 63. Exhausted after swim and ride.
Super JocknJill Half 9/20047:46183172147 Sunny, 62
Mercer Island Half 3/20048:11185175153 Cloudy, 50.

John's Lifetime Races
While John and I were going over some papers recently he came across a list of the races he'd done back when he was running. After running for more than a decade, he developed Achille's tendon problems and switched over to bicycling.

1980Casco Bay Marathon3:58:5955Trained by running 9 miles 6 mornings a week before work
1981Mt Washington Valley Marathon3:48:18568:42/mile pace, two minutes shy of a BQ by today's standards
1982Mt Washington Valley Marathon3:54:2957 
1984Mt Washington Valley Half Marathon1:43:5059Roughly equivalent to 1981 marathon PR pace
1986Mt Washington Valley Half Marathon1:4561 
1986Berlin to Gorham 10 mile1:15:5261John's fastest race- 7:30/mi
1989Mt Washington Valley Half Marathon1:5564 
1990Mt Washington Valley Half Marathon1:48:5865 
1993Mt Washington Valley Half Marathon1:5468 

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