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Yours Truly 50K, January 25, 2009

In January, with temps in the low 30's, we used 1 pint Gatorade, 2/3 cup hot chocolate, 1 rice crispie bar, 1/2 - 1 cup chili and 2 oz chips per runner. I put out aid (Gatorade & water, no cups) at the trail junction (4.74mi) and the turnaround (7.77miles) as well as at the start. The two aid stations consisted of 2 5-gallon jugs on a cheap folding table.
The course was a double out-and-back on the Cedar River and Lake Wilderness trails with the start at Landsberg and the turnaround on the Lake Wilderness trail at a willow bush 0.1mi S of the S 263rd St underpass.
Signup was at the start. Racers were responsible for timing themselves and reporting their times when they finished, although that didn't work very well. Better to photograph the runners at the start and then photograph each runner at the finish. Use stopwatch to calculate additional time for early starters.
Each aid station:
Small folding table or milk crate
Small white towel (under jugs)
Gatorade jug 1.5g (1g/12 runners)
Water jug 2g (1g/12 runners)
Pkg little Snickers or Peanut butter cups
Course marking:
Directional signs
10lb bag white flour
1-gal ziplock bag
Folding canopy
Tarp and lines if windy and wet
2 24" x 60" folding tables
Several folding chairs
5 gal water jug
2 1-gal Gatorade jugs for mixing/serving Gatorade at start
Wastebasket w/ liner
Coleman stove, matches, enough gas
Runner signup and timing:
Bibs and safety pins
Runner list
Pencils and pens
Camera or timing clock
Cooking stuff:
4-8 qt pot w/ lid for chili
4 qt pot w/ lid for hot chocolate
Cooler for extra chili, milk, cheese etc.
Flat-bladed wooden spatula to stir chili
Ladle to serve chili
Whisk for hot chocolate
Tongs for serving cheese
Medium paper bowls
8 oz Cardboard cups for hot chili & chocolate
6 oz water cups Plastic spoons
Small white towels for general cleanup
Food and drink:
3 bags 1gal Gatorade powder
1 box Rice Crispy bars, Aussie bites or similar
3 recipes Rachel Ray's 3-bean chili, serves 8/recipe
1/2 gal chocolate milk (1 gallon per 24 runners)
1/2 gal lowfat milk
Swiss mix hot chocolate powder
1 pint sour cream
1 lb grated pepper jack cheese
1 cup chopped cilantro
1 gallon bag of tortilla chips
1 bag Clementine tangerines

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