Gear for Wind Rivers Backpacking Trip, September 2007


I packed pretty well for the trip; didn't forget anything critical and didn't bring too much that I didn't end up using. I ate less than I expected so brought out leftover food, but that was OK. Daytime temperatures didn't rise much above 60 so I didn't need hot-weather clothing. I would have preferred a warmer sleeping bag, especially if nights had been colder. Waterproof boots would have been nice too. The night air was dry - I used the soft-feel ss tech shirt over my nose to help humidify it. I never weighed my pack but my guess would have been about 50lbs to start, 40lbs at the end.



Clothing (continued)


I brought a loaf of sliced fresh whole-wheat bread, four smallish fresh tomatoes, two fresh bananas and a fresh peach.