Sample shots from Nikon 80-400mm VR lens with D300

These are sample images from the Nikon 80-400mm VR lens which I have since sold.
The thumbnails are the original images; click on any thumbnail to see a cropped version of the original jpg. Scroll to the bottom of that image to view exposure data.
Other than cropping, the images are un-retouched. All images were shot with a D300.
As you can see I like photographing birds. I am selling the 80-400 in order to upgrade to the 200-400mm f4, which is faster and sharper but of course much larger, heavier and more expensive. I found the 80-400 reasonably sharp at 400mm at f8 or f11, not so sharp wide-open at 400mm. Autofocus was generally fast enough for me but VR was hit or miss at 400mm under about 1/250th of a second.
For more info, you may find this review helpful.
Click a picture to see a larger view.