Photos from Summerland to Owyhigh Meadows hike, Mount Rainier Natl Park, Washington, Sept 4, 2008

On a beautiful September day I hiked a 14 mile loop up the Wonderland trail from the Fryingpan Creek trailhead past Summerland to Panhandle Gap, then headed east up to and along the Sarvent ridge to a saddle above the Sarvent Glacier. I descended the nearly senescent glacier, continued down the valley a bit then up over the ridge to the north and down through meadows to the saddle above the Owyhigh Lakes, hiking back out to the White River road at sunset. Here's my route. The hike began and ended in fine old forest with lots of meadows, snowfields, cliffs, flowers and spectacular Mt Rainier views in between. Saw quite a few hikers before stopping for lunch on the Sarvent ridge, none after that. Also a couple of goats, several tame marmots and a migrating sharp-shinned hawk.
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