Photos from hike up Snoqualmie Mountain, Washington, October 10, 2008

Tim and I hiked up Snoqualmie Mountain from the Alpental parking lot off the I-90 west exit at Snoqualmie Pass. We started up at 1:00PM following a rough trail up steep woods, talus and avalanche brush, then scrambled up the streambed to the valley between Cave Ridge and Snoqualmie Mt. A family group of gray jays escorted us up to the waterfall ledges and shared our lunch. In the valley we found a big avalanche deposit from last winter capped with a couple inches of new snow. We hiked up to the head of the valley then up to and over the craggy ridge which runs E from the summit. Cold and snowy up there. On the ramp behind the ridge we photographed four ptarmigan, their mottled plumage perfectly matching the snowy rocks. We lingered a few minutes on the summit then took the trail down the south ridge, reaching the parking lot just before dark at 7:00PM.
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